Best Possible Return on Investment

How Investors Benefit

Proprietary credit scoring and transaction grading system

Thorough risk assessment and monitoring

High-liquidity investment and Short turnaround time

Annualised gross returns of 10 to 25%

Average transaction tenor is 90 days, not more than 180 days

Offering Receivables Purchase Icon

Discounted Purchases, Increased Cash Flow

Receivables Purchase

Company that wishes to offer receivables for sale is assessed.

Company information is verified.

Receivables are prepared and verified.

Receivables are offered to investors via Culum Capital platform.

Investors select receivables on the platform to invest in.

Offering Invoice Sellers Benefit Icon

Fast and Timely Access to Working Capital

How Invoice Sellers Benefit

Flexibility to sell invoices only when necessary

Debt collection services

Protection against debtor insolvency

Additional cashflow source that grows with your business

Fast and timely access to working capital funding

Offering Supply Chain Finance Icon

Lowering Financing Costs, Leveraging Strong Links

Supply Chain Finance

Anchor (Buyer) purchases products from a Supplier

Supplier Finance pays for the purchase

Financing is made with or without recourse to the Anchor

Investor pays the Supplier through Culum Capital.

Anchor pays Investor later on.