Great Annualised Return. Short Tenor.

Culum Capital gives accredited investors like you options to invest in short-term invoices via its investment platform for returns of 10% to 25% per annum. Choose your investment from professionally assessed Singapore businesses that come with a short tenor investment window (comes at average tenor of 90 days)

Why invest in Singapore?

Singapore aims to become the world’s first Smart Nation, as one of the world’s leading economies. SMEs make up 99% of the country’s economy, employing 70% of the country’s workforce, and contributing 47% of the national GDP. Yet, SMEs suffer from a significant lack of bank financing, with only 40% of these businesses having access to bank loans. To address this, Singapore’s financial regulators and central bank have initiatives in place to foster the development of financial technology and its Smart Financial Centre.

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Attractive Returns Of 10% To 25% Per Annum

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Making Sense of the Numbers

Why Invest in a Receivables Purchase?

Compared to business or consumer loans, a Receivables Purchase just makes more sense:

Tenor is just 1 to 3 months vs 1 to 2 years (business loan) 1 to 5 years (consumer loan)

Low risk vs medium risk (business loan) and high risk (consumer loan)

High liquidity vs medium liquidity (business loan) and low liquidity (consumer loan)

10% to 25% returns vs 2 to 7% (consumer loan) and 5 to 9% (business loan)

Popular around the world as a working capital funding option.

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Why Receivables Purchase vs Loans?

 Receivables PurchaseBusiness LoansConsumer Loans
Tenor30 - 90 days1 - 2 years1 - 5 years
Returns10% to 25%5 - 9%2 - 7%

Supply Chain Finance Overview

Supplier Finance is the financing of the procurement of the Anchor—in other words, when the Anchor (or Buyer) purchases products from a Supplier, it is Supplier Finance which pays for the purchase. This financing may be made with or without recourse to the Anchor, and may be made pre- or post-shipment of the supplier’s products.

Post-shipment financing may be made before or after the Anchor accepts the invoice for payment. An Investor then pays the Supplier upfront through Culum Capital. The Anchor pays the Investor later on, on a determined due date.

Apart from the standalone balance sheet of the Supplier, the strength of the supply chain link between the Anchor and its Suppliers are also taken into consideration when credit decisions are made.


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