We welcome introducers and strive to support your clients through alternative lending options for working capital. Culum Capital believes that a personalised service will make the working relationship go the distance compared to the automated structure offered by other platforms. We are here to provide the financing arrangement and advice to the best of our abilities.

Use our Commission Calculator to see how much you can make when you connect with our platform!

What is the expected invoice value your client is able to finance with Culum Capital?

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Introducer Commission Calculator
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*Commission calculations are based on Culum Capital’s varied pricing and should not be considered as an offer. More information is available in the introducer agreement. Reach out to our team to find out more.

For Accreditor Investor

You will get $100 for each investor successfully referred with a minimum $80,000 initial Account Value

Plus a $50 bonus for each additional investor successfully referred

For example:

$100 award for 1 investor

Total of $250 ($100 X 2 + $50) award for 2 investors

Total of $400 ($100 X 3 + $50 X 2) for 3 investors

Total $550 of ($100 X 4 + $50 X 3) for 4 investors and so on…

Get more if you successfully refer investors who are willing to invest more in receivables purchase with us!

For Account Value of $200,000 to < $500,000, get a $200 referral fee + $100 bonus for each additional investor successfully referred

For Account Value of $500,000 or more, get a $300 referral fee + $150 bonus for each additional investor successfully referred


A successful referral must meet the following conditions:

  1. Potential Investor must be an Accredited Investor.
  2. Potential Investor has a minimum initial Account Value of $80,000, $200,000 to < $500,000 or $500,000 or more.

The referral fee will be credited to your Available Funds as a deposit after the Potential Investor successfully deploys the minimum initial Account Value.

How to refer?

  1. Tell them about your experience investing with Culum Capital.
  2. Ask your friend or contact to submit an enquiry by clicking this link and ask them to indicate under “Types of Products and Services” in the Investors Application Form online:  Referred by your name.  OR email us with their contacts.
  3. We’ll contact them and do the rest!

Your New Funding Partner


Your client can raise funds with their invoices and choose not to if their cashflow position is good for that month

Extended credit terms are offered, subject to approval


No upfront fees under any circumstances for your clients or you if deal is not approved

Reduction in rates over a period of good track record for your clients


Our team of trade veterans will provide sound advice to your clients

Strong reputation in the market for trade knowledge

Start connecting with Culum Capital